Friday, June 21, 2013

The fourth one

“No, I can’t stay any longer in this house. I will leave to my mothers today itself” , the lady kept packing her bag while her hands and her tears were rolling at the same pace.  The man with his last and desperate attempt to prove innocence said,” Why don’t you try to understand, there is no such thing? Are you not ashamed of thinking such nuisance of me at this age?”  The lady flew over like an arrow and shouted at the top of her voice,” Oh ho, now I should be ashamed of thinking of it itself while you should not be for doing it. You think I don’t know about the affair you had before marriage. I am sure that the fourth one is from her only.” She kept fuming like anything. The man couldn't stand the mere utterance of the word affair and cursed her, “Go wherever you want to go , be it your mothers , fathers or hell. Just leave”. Ahmed, who could hear all these shouting and cursing from the road asked the neighbor,“Arrey Masterji , what’s the matter with the couple ?” Masterji , with his wit full smile said , “ The man lost the elections this time again . But surprisingly he got four votes instead of three that he used to get from his three family members. The lady suspects, the fourth one came from his affair before the marriage. That’s what the fight is for!”

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