Monday, March 3, 2014

The Story

I don't remember which day it was. But I remember we met on the terrace of two storey building on a January evening. She with her friends, me with mine . There were songs, feast, happiness . Suddenly out of nowhere there came drizzles . January and drizzles ! God you gotta be kidding me . But yes , there it was. There we talked for the first time.  That was day zero.

Then came day one , we started to talk and we talked a lot . My God , how I paid my phone bills those days. We started to walk together , laugh together , fight together . We discovered some ifs and buts , we discovered likes and dislikes , we discovered smiles and tears. But more importantly we discovered love ("If there is something like that") .

More than Four Years have passed from those drizzles .

We decided to take that journey forward now to have more walks together , laughs together , fights together.

We hope you will bless us with your heart for our days ahead together. 

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